About Us – A boy and his dream.

It is perhaps so that we could briefly sum up the professional adventure of Vittorio Ciabatti, founder and soul of the company Ciabatti Ricevimenti
S.a.s, born in 1986.

As in any fable that is respected, its story begins with a sea voyage between the Caribbean islands on board cruise ships and continues
In several prestigious hotels in Florence.

In the fifty years of a successful career, Vittorio Ciabatti turned his passion and talent
To the careful study of the ancient flavors of their land, filtered through the refined technique thanks to the many past work experiences.

Today, the same passion animates the work of the children Claudio and Stefania, whose father has transmitted the subtle art of the reception.


Wedding Catering Catering – Event Catering – Corporate Meeting Buffet – Event Location

Ciabatti, the “catering” of quality and sophistication for the great receptions: weddings, banquets,
Conferences, inaugurations, company meetings, cocktails, buffet, coffee breaks.

Famous for our latest gourmet creations and customizable menus, carefully prepared by our chefs, you can be offered in suggestive atmospheres with unlimited charm.

Renowned is the courtesy of highly qualified staff. Original fittings are all about creativity.

Forty years of experience in Italy and abroad at your service for any major occasion.

The Philosophy of Our Kitchen

But Ciabatti Ricevimenti is not just “Grand Events”, our kind and discreet staff is also suitable for small private dinners,
Intimate find yourself among friends, fun bbqs.

Ciabatti Ricevimenti is a reality that has been present for almost 30 years in the Tuscan territory.
Our experience allows us to satisfy any kind of need, and to create any type of menu,
Ranging from recipes of Tuscan tradition, which sometimes allow us to revisit with unusual but delightful combinations,
To more cosmopolitan realities, with dishes that with their flavor and scent carry us to far-off countries.

Location – Our Enchanted Places

Each place encloses a charm, a particular magic. Every environment speaks to the eyes and to the soul of those who are there.

The choice is dictated by instinct, a feeling that suddenly arises.
The villas and castles you see possess this charm, but are just some of the possible choices,
Your choice may fall anywhere else.

Even in this you are the protagonists.


Every event is like a painting full of so many shades that make it unique.

The services we put at your disposal make up a large palette from which to draw while letting the imagination run …

Photographer ( https://www.studiofotograficorighi.it ); Florist (www.tuttifioriantonellaemeri.it);

Live music; Baby Sitter; Barman; Car Rental; Entertainment; Lighting design; Tensile; Cooking class; Participations and bomboniere